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Limit Switch
We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of rotary type Limit Switch devices that can be used in heavy-duty industrial machines for their safe and controlled functioning. These units are installed with electrical actuators for quick and efficient operation. 
DSL Shrouded Conductor Systems
DSL Shrouded Conductor Systems are heavy-duty electric power lines that are designed to transmit mains voltage for the controlled functioning of various overhead type machines. These conductive elements are available in various shapes and sizes as per the application areas. 
Crane Remote Control System
We are offering a highly advanced and easy-to-use Crane Remote Control System in many different sizes and control options that make it easier for the operator to set operational parameters from a safe distance. 
DSL Indicating Lamp
Buy from us highly active and reliable DSL Indicating Lamp units that are commonly used as safety indicators within various industrial machine systems to warn the operators in case of abnormal functioning to prevent accidents and machine breakdown. 
Push Button Pendant Station
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium-quality Push Button Pendant Station units that are fabricated by using highly active and reliable electronic elements to easily control the operational parameters for the safe running of machines.
Master Controllers
Master Controllers are central control units that are designed for heavy-duty crane systems to activate or deactivate the control system especially in case of abnormal working conditions. These devices ensure high safety and prevent the risk of machine breakdown. 
AC Electromagnetic Disc Brake
Our team is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of a wide variety of high-performance AC Electromagnetic Disc Brake that functions on the principle of electromagnetic induction to slow down or to stop the rotating elements within industrial machines. 
Cable Trolley
Cable Trolley are compact and sturdy support units that are commonly used in overhead crane systems to carry power and mechanical cables. These components are available in various shapes and design orientations according to customer demands and applicationareas.

 Industrial Brakes
Multitech Systems is a big name that deals in the manufacturing and supplying of premium-class Industrial Brakes that are designed and developed as per industrial standards by using heavy-duty materials and top-grade fluid-powered equipment.

Brake Drum Coupling
Brake Drum Coupling are mechanical components that are made up of top-quality alloyed materials and are used to rigidly connect two rotating components without the risk of vibrations and excess noise production. These connectors are available in various shapes and sizes as per customer demands. 

Current Collector
Current Collector is used in trolleybuses, riverboats, streetcars, funicular trains, and hoisting cranes, and they also collect current from overhead contact wires.This is designed to collect electricity from an overhead wire at fast rates.